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My name is Andreas Salomon — friends call me Andy — and I am a photographer. Photography has been my passion for well over 20 years.

I was first bitten by the photography bug through my lifelong fascination with nature. With a camera, I can communicate the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors.  I can also share the humor and wonder of the animal kingdom. When you look at my photos, I hope you, too, will experience a sense of kinship with the furry or feathered creature looking back at you. 

In addition to shooting landscapes and animals, I use my camera to record the fascinating world of flowers. As with animals, I like to bring the viewer in close, to highlight the smallest details, the intensity of the colors, and the delicacy of these miracles of nature.

In recent years, I have expanded my interest in photography, moving into other areas such as architecture; museum art and artifacts; and events. Yet the underlying theme of my work remains the same: to see with fresh eyes and to share that vision with others.

After decades of taking photographs, increasing my knowledge of the subject, and honing my skills, I felt that it was time to share this work with others, and to assist others as they worked on their own photography.   With those goals in mind, I created this website.

If you wish to own works you see on the website, you can purchase digital files of photographs or prints in a variety of sizes. See Products

To support people who want to take their own photos, I offer classes, workshops and individual instruction, as well as assistance on photography projects.  While I have accrued a great deal of knowledge in the field, I remember quite well how daunting this world of focal length and depth of field can be. It is my goal to meet every student at the place where she or he is, from absolute beginner onward. My intention is to support all students with instruction that is clear, easy to understand, and given with warmth and humor. See Services.

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